MAXSUN's Enterprise Powerhouse: Unveiling the MS-Q670M vPro at 2023 Intel Forum

MAXSUN's Enterprise Powerhouse: Unveiling the MS-Q670M vPro at 2023 Intel Forum

In a recent showcase at the 2023 Intel Client Solutions Forum in Zhuhai, MAXSUN introduced its latest commercial enterprise motherboard, the MS-Q670M vPro. This innovative product has quickly captured the attention of industry professionals with its cutting-edge design and powerful features.

Enhancing Business Operations:

The MS-Q670M vPro integrates Intel's latest vPro technology, delivering a suite of products and technologies designed to ensure smooth organizational operations and enhance employee productivity. This includes comprehensive multi-layered security features, professional-grade performance, extensive remote management capabilities, and reliable stability.

Advanced Features of vPro:

The vPro technology goes beyond conventional remote desktop solutions by offering advanced features such as remote system repair and BIOS maintenance. These capabilities enable efficient business processing and management in various work environments, providing crucial support for enterprise digital transformation.

Security Reinforcement with TPM 2.0:

One standout feature of the MS-Q670M vPro is the inclusion of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 security module. TPM is an internationally recognized standard for trusted computing technology, enhancing computer system security at the hardware level. With TPM 2.0, the motherboard boasts improved security through the support of multiple keys and algorithms, generating longer and more secure passwords. The introduction of new authentication methods significantly elevates security levels, making the system more resistant to unauthorized access.

Expansion Capabilities for Enterprise Needs:

As a comprehensive high-end enterprise motherboard, the MS-Q670M vPro offers robust expandability. With up to 13 USB interfaces, including six high-speed 10G interfaces and two 5G interfaces, the motherboard ensures efficient connectivity for multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, the support for 10G transfer rates and 15W fast-charging Type-C interface enhances efficiency. The inclusion of 216X PCIe, 24x PCIe, and dual PCIe x4 Gen4 NVMe interfaces provides ample expansion possibilities for work devices.

AI Noise Reduction for Enhanced Communication:

The vPro motherboard features AI noise reduction in its sound card, intelligently eliminating background noise during microphone input. This enhancement not only increases the motherboard's reliability but also significantly improves efficiency in business communication and meetings, thereby reducing overall communication costs.

MAXSUN's Leadership in the Industry:

As a leading player in the industry, MAXSUN has consistently introduced a variety of high-end motherboard brands into the Chinese market, serving as Intel Super-ODM collaboration partners. The launch of the MS-Q670M vPro for commercial enterprise purposes is expected to inject new vitality into the business motherboard market, creating additional value and opportunities across multiple industries.


MAXSUN's MS-Q670M vPro stands as a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of enterprise motherboards. With its powerful features, advanced technology, and focus on security and efficiency, this motherboard is poised to make a significant impact on the commercial motherboard market, offering a fresh perspective for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions for their computing needs.

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