MAXSUN Honored at Intel Client Solutions Forum 2023

MAXSUN Honored at Intel Client Solutions Forum 2023

On November 6th, the Intel Client Solutions Forum 2023 unfolded with grandeur at the Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel in Zhuhai, themed "Hundreds of Islands, Hundreds of Rivers - Converging Channels Leading the Core Tide at Pearl River Estuary." Maxsun Technology, a Titanium partner of Intel, was honored with an invitation to participate in this prestigious forum. During the event, Maxsun introduced six comprehensive solution applications, including vPro DaaS leasing, NAS, enthusiast and workstation PCs, PCfarm, and All-in-One solutions, offering new ecosystem capabilities across various industries. This innovative approach earned Maxsun the "Business Breakthrough and Ecosystem Contribution Award" from Intel.

The awarded MAXSUN DESIGN Q670M vPro motherboard utilizes Intel's latest vPro technology, delivering a suite of products and technologies that ensures smooth operations and efficient workflow for business users. This includes comprehensive multi-layer security features, professional-grade performance, extensive remote management, and reliable stability. The vPro's capabilities extend to remote system repair and BIOS maintenance, offering efficient business processing and management in various workplace scenarios, supporting digital transformation endeavors for enterprises.

In the realm of DaaS leasing solutions, Maxsun has unveiled a range of commercial motherboards, such as the H510-AIO, H610M-R, and H610-AIO, catering to diverse enterprise needs. These offerings allow businesses to flexibly select solutions based on their development stage and specific requirements, thereby enabling a pay-per-use model that can significantly reduce costs.

For high-end enthusiasts and workstations, Maxsun's gaming series, featuring motherboards like the MS-iCraft Z790ITX WIFI and MS-iCraft Z790 White, stands out among industry counterparts. The workstation solutions represented by MS-WorkStation w680 and MS-WorkStation w790 provide competitive options for industry users.

In the cloud computing scene, Maxsun's offerings such as MS-PC Farm B660l and MS-PC Farm H770I bolster the PC Farm sector with robust application support. These products are celebrated for their high performance, efficiency, and return on investment, designed for flexible expansion and ease of assembly, deployment, and maintenance, which reduces both the complexity and cost of implementation.

Maxsun's NAS solutions are versatile across various industrial production scenarios, facilitating the management of diverse business requirements with their easy-to-manage and highly stable features.

The continual advancements and breakthroughs by Maxsun Technology are inspiring, with their exceptional multi-scenario solutions opening up more possibilities for industry users. Moving forward, Maxsun Technology will persist in its journey, bringing surprises and conveniences to our digital world, creating more value and opportunities for users. Committed to relentless innovation, Maxsun aims to provide high-quality ecosystem empowerment and solutions, forging new horizons for the industry.

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