MAXSUN Honored with 'Sales Champion and Business Contribution Award' at 2024 Intel CTE CEO Summit

MAXSUN Honored with 'Sales Champion and Business Contribution Award' at 2024 Intel CTE CEO Summit

As an Intel Titanium member and a key partner, MAXSUN Technology was invited to attend the Intel CTE CEO Summit 2024 held in Shenzhen, Guangdong, on March 20th. At the event, MAXSUN was honored with the "CTE Desktop Motherboard 2023 Sales Champion" award by Intel, recognizing its exceptional performance in Intel motherboard sales in 2023.

Adding to the celebration, the Shangke Group, also received the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Motherboard Business" from Intel, acknowledging its significant contributions to Intel's motherboard business. Sun Wu'an, General Manager of MAXSUN Technology, accepted the awards on behalf of the company and shared experiences and achievements of the collaboration with Intel from multiple perspectives with the partners.

In 2023, MAXSUN introduced the concept product W790 workstation motherboard, which, with its powerful performance and high scalability, facilitated deep cooperation across industries and provided optimized solutions for various specific fields.

Furthermore, at the summit, MAXSUN introduced two upcoming innovative products for 2024, including a groundbreaking "Back-to-Back Motherboard." As the latest innovation in motherboard development, the "Back-to-Back Motherboard" enhances the unique YTX board design, allowing the graphics card to integrate directly with the motherboard, eliminating the need for extension cables. This innovation represents a significant leap in aesthetics, performance, and expandability.

As one of Intel's core partners, MAXSUN Technology's innovation is not only evident in its products but also in its contributions to the entire Intel cooperation ecosystem. Through close collaboration with Intel, MAXSUN Technology is committed to building a more open and collaborative technological environment with its partners, heralding a new era of cooperative ecosystems.

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