Maxsun Unveils New Motherboards for Intel's 14th Gen Core CPUs

Maxsun Unveils New Motherboards for Intel's 14th Gen Core CPUs

Maxsun Reveals 6 New Motherboards to Support Intel's Upcoming 14th Gen Core Processors

  Intel's highly anticipated 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh processors were released on 16 October..These processors will arrive in six different models, including Core i9, i7, and i5 variants. The flagship i9-14900K/KF boasts a remarkable maximum turbo frequency of 6GHz, a substantial 200MHz improvement over the current i9-13900K/KF.


  In sync with Intel's 14th Gen CPU release, Maxsun has unveiled an impressive lineup of six new motherboards tailored to support these processors. The lineup includes the MS-Terminator B760M D5, MS-Terminator B760M D5 WiFi, MS-iCraft Z790 White, MS-iCraft Z790 WiFi AX, MS-Challenger B760ITX D5, and MS-Terminator B760M GKD5

  Maxsun's latest motherboards offer diverse options to meet a wide range of user needs. The MS-Terminator B760M GKD5, for instance, is a performance-focused motherboard capable of stable overclocking up to 8000MHz when XMP  is enable.

                    MAXSUN-TERMINATOR B760M GKD5

  For users who prioritize aesthetics, the MS-iCraft Z790 White presents an alluring all-white design, perfectly complementing Intel's 14th Gen CPUs. Additionally, the compact MS-Challenger B760ITX D5 provides an ideal solution for small form factor PC builds without compromising performance.


  All six motherboards in Maxsun's lineup support DDR5 memory and come equipped with extensive heatsinks, ensuring compatibility with future upgrades. Maxsun is also dedicated to offering compatibility updates for its existing motherboards to accommodate Intel's 14th Gen processors.

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