MAXSUN at Computex 2024: Showcasing Innovation and New Product Launches

MAXSUN at Computex 2024: Showcasing Innovation and New Product Launches

On June 4th, Computex 2024 opened in Taipei, capturing the global technology community's attention. At Asia's largest computer exhibition, MAXSUN Technologies stood out with its cutting-edge innovations and new product releases.MAXSUN's booth, known for its sleek and impressive design, drew significant attention. The fusion of technology and aesthetics highlights MAXSUN's commitment to detail and integrating advanced tech into daily life.

The exhibition hall is divided into three major themed areas, each with unique highlights and surprises:

  1. Innovation Zone: This area showcased several eye-catching products. The MS-Terminator H770YTX D5 WIFI motherboard, known for its exquisite design and optimized DIY aesthetic, received widespread acclaim. The debut of the concept back-to-back motherboard MS-Terminator B760BKB D5, with its innovative design, revolutionized the DIY host aesthetic ecosystem and offers a refreshing installation experience to DIY users. These products demonstrate MAXSUN's technical prowess and dedication to detail and aesthetics.


  1. Dream Nexus: Signifying 'Setting Sail on Dreams,' this section showcases MAXSUN's exceptional creativity. Limited, one of MAXSUN's most dynamic IPs, captivates with its lively and charming character, garnering continuous acclaim for its associated and thematic products.


  1. Concept Art Graphics Card Backplates: Several concept art graphics card backplates made their debut, with unique design language and imaginative concepts adding a striking visual element to the display. These products highlight MAXSUN's commitment to innovation and aesthetics in product design, as well as its understanding of the young market and trendy culture.


In the AI Trend Zone, MAXSUN showcased its exploration of AI with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series lineup, featuring advanced cooling and higher energy efficiency. These GPUs enhance the RTX-accelerated AI experience, delivering unparalleled graphics performance and generating strong market interest.

Additionally, MAXSUN's mini PCs and NAS servers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, officially debuted. Their compact size and powerful performance redefine the concept of home and office computers, offering advanced enterprise users enhanced productivity.

The opening day significantly shaped impressions of the exhibition hall. The atmosphere in the MAXSUN booth was exceptionally lively, with very positive audience feedback. Many expressed that MAXSUN's new products and technology displays left a deep impression on them, fostering anticipation for the industry's future development.

Visit the MAXSUN Technologies booth from June 4th to June 7th (Tuesday to Friday) at Computex 2024. We warmly invite all attendees and look forward to sharing our latest innovations.


MAXSUN to Exhibit New Technological Advances at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024


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