MAXSUN Impresses at Intel LOEM Summit 2023 with Acclaimed Motherboards

MAXSUN Impresses at Intel LOEM Summit 2023 with Acclaimed Motherboards

The Intel LOEM Summit 2023, taking place from November 7-9 at The Venetian Macao, celebrated a significant gathering of key players in the PC industry. This event provided a platform for demonstrating and exchanging groundbreaking developments and insights. MAXSUN, as a prominent partner of Intel globally, was prominently featured at the summit, showcasing a spectrum of their most recent product innovations.

MAXSUN's booth attracted considerable attention for its display of unique and innovative products. The booth was visited by a high-profile team from Intel, including John Kalvin, Vice President of SMG and Global Partner Support Manager; Dave Guzzi, Manager for Systems and Component Partnerships; Ozlem Coday, General Manager of Global Client Channels and Ecosystem Division; and Ye Zong, General Manager of Client and Distribution Platform Business in China. This visit highlighted MAXSUN's significant industry recognition and acclaim.

Over years of development, MAXSUN has expanded its motherboard lineup to include consumer motherboards, internet café customizations, PC Farm, industrial motherboards, MoDT, and workstations. Its consumer motherboard brands like the iCraft, Terminator, Challenger, and Milestone, have evolved through continuous refinement and product iterations. The Z790 series, in particular, is notable for its top-tier overclocking performance, cementing a strong reputation among users.

Dedicated to hardware technological innovation, MAXSUN continually aims to provide consumers with the most advanced and innovative tech products. Their four showcased consumer-grade Z790 motherboards at the event have injected new energy and possibilities into the industry. The MS-iCraft Z790 White, with its unique design and outstanding performance, perfectly melds technology with art, achieving industry-leading levels in performance, stability, and scalability.
As a distinguished hardware manufacturer, MAXSUN is committed to offering high-quality, high-performance hardware products. Their showcase at the Intel LOEM Summit featured the latest advancements in motherboards and graphics cards. The MS-iCraft Z790 WIFI AX, under the tagline “New Flagship, Strong Capability,” garnered widespread praise for its exceptional materials and expert design. Additionally, MAXSUN introduced a compact ITX motherboard, adept at satisfying DIY users' needs for both internal and external expansions.

The latest products demonstrated at the Summit represent a successful showcase, diversifying the market's range and offering more choices to consumers. Moving forward, MAXSUN is set to continue capitalizing on its strengths and technical prowess to bring more high-quality products and services to its customers.


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