iCraft B760M WIFI

  • 12+3+2 phases power supply
  • 60A Dr.Mos
  • DDR5 XMP 7000MHz+ overclocking potential
  • 2.5G network card
  • PCIe 5.0
  • 20G Type-C

17-phase power supply
Core 60A Dr.Mos

Rear 20Gbps
Front 10Gbps

Support NVMe

XMP 7000MHz+

  • MS-iCraft Z790ITX WIFI

    m-ATX board size:245*245mm

  • 13th & 12th

    Intel Core LGA1700 Support

  • 60A Dr.Mos

    Upgrade 2oz PCB

  • 12+3+2 phase

    Power supply design

  • Dual Type-C front and rear

    Front USB 3.2Gen2 10G rate
    Full-speed interface with NVMe drive support

  • 3*PCIe4.0 x4 M.2

    Full-speed interface with
    NVMe drive support

  • Humanized design

    Distributed Debug Lights
    CLR_CMOS function button /
    RGB switch button / Power on button

  • DDR5 memory

    Dual-channel 4*DIMM
    Support memory XMP4800/5600/0C+Mhz

  • Realtek ALC897 sound card

    Realtek 8125 network card

  • PWM master control


  • WiFi6E wireless
    network card

    ntel AX211 + Magnetic WIFI Antenna

  • Power Supply Excellence
    Unleashing Heterogeneous Performance

    17-phase power supply & integrated Dr. Mos

    Adopting 17 phases of power supply, each phase of the
    core is equipped with 60A Dr. Mos, PL1 power
    consumption can be released up to 253W, while
    upgrading the 2oz PCB to release the performance of
    the 13th generation Core core heterogeneous

    12-phase Vcore
    3-phase VGT
    2-phase VCC_AUX

    MP86945 Dr.Mos

    MP2960 PWM
    Master Control Chip

    Alloy Heat Sink Armor
    Helping performance output

    RGB alloy heat sink armor & alloy back plate armor

    Large alloy heat dissipation armor covers the power supply part, efficient and balanced heat dissipation, between the armor and MOS using high-quality thermal conductive silicon strip connection; the second M.2 slot is also equipped with heat dissipation armor

    Dual USB Type-C transfers are fast
    and convenient

    One step faster data transfer

    The motherboard provides a rear USB 3.2Gen2 X 2 Type-C interface that provides 20Gbps theoretical transfer speed

    High-speed network interconnection

    Foldable antenna design with magnetic base that
    can be attached to the top or side of the case

    Standard 2.5G wired network card and AX211 WiFi6E wireless network card, allowing players to switch between wired or wireless network at any time; with the use of signal gain antenna, wireless connection is more stable and smooth

    * Comes with a magnetic WiFi gain antenna and AX211 wireless network card

    Rich expansion interface

    More mainstream configuration to meet a host of needs

    Motherboard provides 1 PCle 5.0x16 full-length alloy armor slot, 1 PCle x4 open slot, 1*PCle x1 slot. 4 fan connectors, including 1 CPU_FAN, 1 PUMP_FAN, 2 SYS_FAN. 2 5V 3PIN ARGB, 1 12V 4PIN RGB

    4 FAN


    PCIe 5.0 x16

    PCIe x1

    PCIe x4

    D5 Rising

    Equipped with four DDR5 memory slots, dual-channel support, XMP support, 2/4 slots with 7000MHz/OC+ overclocking potential

    3*M.2 high-speed hard drive interface

    Three PCle4.0x4M.2 hard drive slots are provided, all supporting NVMe hard drives. One of them supports 2280-size hard drives, and the other two support 22110-size hard drives

    User-friendly design, easy maintenance

    The motherboard provides a series of user-friendly design, convenient RGB switch button, boot button; one key CLR_CMOS, allowing players to quickly restore settings; distributed Debug light, can quickly find the motherboard fault location, at a glance

    RGB switch

    boot button