Terminator Z790M D5 WIFI

  • Surging property
  • 10 phase power supply & hybrid heat dissipation
  • Expansion and upgrade
  • 5 x M.2 slots
  • Fast transmission
  • Front and rear dual 20G Type-C




Ancestral Power Supply
Hybrid Cooling

5*M.2 hard disk

Dual 20G rate Type-C

  • MS-Terminator Z790M D5 WIFI

    m-ATX form factor Size: 245*245mm

  • USB3.2 Gen2x2

    Front and rear dual 20G rate

  • DDR5 memory

    Support XMP frequency stable
    running 7000MHz (OC)

  • Extraordinary experience
    with full firepower

    8+1+1 phase power supply design
    RT3628AEPWM master control
    SIC654 50A Dr.Mos

  • Mixed type
    Cooling module

    Passive Rin Frost Thermal Armor
    Temperature-controlled start-stop low-noise fan
    6mm nickel-plated copper tube
    High-quality thermal silicon strip

  • Humanized and
    convenient functions

    Digital display DEBUG diagnostic light + one-button CLR CMOS

  • Wi-Fi6E wireless
    network card

    Support 2.4, 5, 6GHz frequency bands, support Bluetooth 5.3

  • 13th & 12th

    Intel®Core™ LGA1700 support

  • 5*PCIe4.0 x4 M.2

    Full speed interface, support NVMe hard disk

  • 2.5G wired network card

    Realtek RTL8125B network card chip

  • Ancestral Powered
    Use good materials to be stable

    10-phase power supply & integrated Dr.Mos

    Using 8+1+1 phase power supply, through the RT3628AE PWM main control chip and 50ADr.Mos equipped with each phase of the core, it can stably release the heterogeneous performance of the 13th generation Core and bring an excellent performance experience.

    8+1+1 phases
    power supply


    PWM Master chip

    Hybrid cooling
    Ingenious materials are used

    Alloy cooling armor & self-starting

    The top of the power supply part is covered with silver alloy heat dissipation armor. The two pieces of armor are connected by 6mm nickel-plated copper tubes. The contact surface between the MOS and the MOS is made of high-quality heat-conducting silicon strips, and the temperature-controlled self-starting and stopping low-noise cooling fan is assisted to fully extract 24 cores.


    *Temperature control start and stop cooling fan
    Only intervene when the above temperature is reached

    CPU(Multi Core)
    36744 pts

    CPU(Single Core)
    2236 pts

    Extended upgrade

    The motherboard provides up to 5 M.2 hard disk interfaces, all of which are PCle4.0x4 speed, all support NVMe protocol, and support Raid array.

    Dual 20G rate Type-C interface

    Data Transfer One Step Faster

    The motherboard provides next-generation front and rear USB3.2 Gen2x2Type-C interfaces, and the theoretical transmission speed can reach 20Gbps.


    Measured overclocking
    frequency stable running


    Equipped with 4 DDR5 memory slots, enhanced interface, the signal is more stable and pure. Optimized circuit layout, with stronger overclocking capability, the measured overclocking frequency runs steadily at 7000MHZ
    Equipped with a PCle5.0 alloy armor graphics card slot, with faster transmission, the theoretical bandwidth is as high as 128GB/s to prepare for the new generation of equipment.

    2.5G & WIFI6E

    Wired network port

    Wireless network port

    The built-in 2.5G rate network card provides a theoretical speed of 2500Mbps, which is faster and more stable. The reserved M.2 WiFi interface supports PCIe & USB & CNVi protocols.

    Humanized function

    The motherboard is equipped with a user-friendly digital display DEBUG diagnostic light. Users can check the one-key CLR_CMOS at the motherboard status I/0 according to the corresponding display code, allowing players to quickly reset the computer settings.