MAXSUN Showcases Innovations at 2023 Intel LOEM SUMMIT

MAXSUN Showcases Innovations at 2023 Intel LOEM SUMMIT

  The Intel LOEM Summit 2023, held from November 7th to 9th at The Venetian Macau, showcased an assembly of key players from the PC industry. Maxsun, a significant partner of Intel, took part in the summit to discuss industry trends and market developments.

  Maxsun presented its advanced 700 series motherboards at the event, demonstrating its R&D strength and market responsiveness with products catering to various consumer segments. The series includes the esports-oriented MS-iCraft Z790 WIFI AX, the aesthetically balanced MS-iCraft Z790 White, and the compact MS-iCraft Z790 ITX WIFI, among others. These products emphasize performance, design, and customization to enhance the user experience.

  The MS-iCraft Z790 WIFI AX has been praised for its robust power design and full utilization of the 14th Gen Core processors, while the MS-iCraft Z790 White offers an optimal blend of performance and design. For compact PC enthusiasts, the MS-iCraft Z790ITX WIFI combines high power output with a meticulous layout on an ITX form factor.

  Maxsun's commitment to excellence over twenty-one years in the motherboard sector was evident at the summit, where its new line of motherboards received significant acclaim. With an unwavering focus on innovation and quality, Maxsun aims to provide top-tier products and solutions that contribute to the industry's growth.


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