MAXSUN Warranty Policy

Respected user:
  Thank you for choosing MAXSUN products. We value your trust and are committed to providing exceptional after-sales service. Please familiarize yourself with our warranty policy outlined below:
  1. Three-Year Limited Warranty Service:
Within three years from the date of purchase, MAXSUN offers a warranty service for products that experience quality problems listed in the "Microcomputer Product Performance Failure Table." This warranty is valid under normal product usage. If the damaged components are discontinued and unavailable in the market, MAXSUN will engage in negotiations to find a suitable resolution. This may include compensating for the difference in depreciation or exchanging for alternative products.(* Actual warranty claim may differ by location and local distributor)
  2. Warranty Exclusions:
  The following situations are not covered by our warranty service:
  - Fault-free motherboards
  - Motherboards that exceed the warranty period
  - Motherboards with physical damage resulting from improper use, such as missing components or plug-ins, PCB board deformation, severe scratches on lines, oxidation and rust, or burning of main components
  - Motherboards with altered, lost, moved, or damaged
  - Motherboards damaged due to human negligence, misuse, or external forces beyond our control, such as water immersion, fire, lightning strikes, or mechanical damage caused by not following the instructions
  - Motherboards damaged during improper packaging or transportation when sending the faulty part for repair
  - Motherboards that cannot be recovered due to unauthorized attempts to disassemble or replace components, including heat sinks, by yourself or a third party
  Please note that MAXSUN reserves the right to determine the cause of failure and holds the final interpretation of the above terms.
  Instructions for Direct User Repairs:
  1. In case of product failure, choose a service outlet based on your location.
  2. When sending the defective product to our service outlets, use a courier or postal company that offers door-to-door delivery. It is your responsibility to track the shipment to prevent delays or loss during transit.
  3. Properly package the product with shock-proof, anti-drop, and anti-pressure measures. Use courier companies with standardized operations to avoid disputes or damage during transportation. Any such issues shall be resolved by the sender.
  4. Customers are responsible for the postage fee for delivering repaired products.
  5. Include a copy of the valid purchase certificate when sending a product for repair.
  6. Provide a list with the product model, a description of the fault, your contact name, phone number, and detailed address. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection of the package.
  7. Do not include the CPU, memory, hard disk, or original packaging when sending a product for repair. Our company is not responsible for the storage and return of these items.
  8. If unclaimed products exceed 60 days from the date of receipt, including cases where contact information is incorrect or products are automatically abandoned and withdrawn, our company will not issue a refund.
  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our warranty policy. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please contact our customer support team.
  MAXSUN Customer Support Team


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