Challenger B760M-F

  • 4+1+1相供电设计
  • 核心 50A Dr. Mos
  • 合金MOS散热
  • 全速 PCIe4.0 x4 M.2
  • 板载Debug灯

MS-Challenger B760M-F

Stable power supply
4+1+1 Phase Core 50ADr.Mos

High-speed M.2
PCle4.0x4,NVMe support

Humanized design
Helping power supply stable output

  • MS-Challenger B760M-F

    M-ATX board type Size: 225*179mm

  • 50A Dr.Mos


  • 4+1+1

    phase power
    supply design

  • Full speed PCle4.0x4 M.2

    Supports NVMe PCle 4.0x4 protocol

  • Better performance
    Better Experience

  • 2*PCle expansion slots

    1*PCle 4.0x16 full-length slot
    1*PCle x1 slot

  • 13th & 12th

    lntel® Core™
    LGA1700 Support

  • DDR4memory

    Dual channel 2*DIMM
    Support memory XMP

  • Front 2*USB3.2 + 2*USB2.0
    Rear 2*USB3.2 + 4*USB2.0

  • PWM master control

  • Realtek ALC897 sound card
    Realtek 8111 network card

  • Max Power stable power supply

    Adopt 4+1+1 phase stable power supply scheme,
    The core is 50A per phase Dr. Mos,Provides enhanced
    power for pairing with entry-level Core.

    Alloy Heat Sink Armor

    Motherboard core power supply MOS part,
    Covered with alloy heat sink armor,
    Make the power supply performance more stable output.

    High-speed M.2 hard drive interface

    Motherboard provides PCle 4.0x4 full-speed M.2
    hard drive interface,NVMe protocol support.

    Dual-channel DDR4

    Motherboard provides dual-channel DDR4 memory slots,
    Mainstream configuration to highlight more cost-effective.

    Excellent expandability

    The motherboard provides one PCle 4.0 x16 graphics slot,
    one PCle x1 slot, one set of USB 3.2 pins on the front,
    one set of USB 2.0 pins, and four USB 3.2 and two USB
    2.0 ports on the rear, providing users with excellent

    PCIe 4.0 x16

    PCIe x1