iCraft Z790ITX WIFI

  • 9相直出供电
  • 90A高规格Dr.Mos
  • RAA229131数字供电PWM
  • 混合式散热系统
  • DDR5 XMP 7400MHz+ 超频潜能
  • 2.5G网卡
  • 双20GType-C

Powerful power supply
9-phase direct exit
Dr. Mos power supply

Efficient heat dissipation
temperature controlled
start/stop cooling fan

High-speed network
2.5G & WIFI6E

  • MS-iCraft Z790ITX WIFI

    ITX Style size:172*172mm

  • 13th & 12th

    Intel Core LGA1700 Support

  • Excellent strength,
    easy to use

    9-phase direct exit Dr. Mos
    power supply
    RAA229132 PWM Master
    ISL99390 90A Dr.Mos

  • USB3.2 Gen2x2

    Front and rear dual 20G rate

  • Dual M.2 hard drive slots

    M.2_A supports PCle4.0x4
    M.2_B supports PCle4.0x4/SATA

  • Full plate thermal armor

    Alloy Thermal Armor
    6mm nickel-plated copper tube
    High quality thermally
    conductive silicon strips
    Mini Ball Cooling Fan

  • DDR5 memory

    Memory OC Potential 7400MHz
    Dual channel 2*DIMM

  • 2.5G wired network card

    Realtek RTL8125B Network Card chip

  • User-friendly and
    convenient functions

    Distributed DEBUG diagnostic light
    + one-touch CLR CMOS

  • WiFi6E wireless
    network card

    Intel AX211 + Magnetic WIFI Antenna

  • Powerful power supply
    Squeeze the full performance
    out of 13th Gen Core

    9-phase power supply & integration Dr. Mos

    9-phase direct exit Dr. Mos power supply,ISL99390 Dr. Mos with 90A per phase,RAA229132 PWM Master Control Chip,Squeeze the full performance out of 13th Gen Core processors.

    9-phase power supply

    90A Dr.Mos

    RAA229131 PWM
    Master Control Chip

    High efficiency heat sink module
    Stable performance release

    Dual alloy cooling armor & temperature
    controlled start/stop cooling fan

    Power supply section of the motherboard above the cooling armor connected by 6mm nickel-plated copper pipes,High quality thermally conductive silicon strips are used on the contact surface between the armor and MOS;Front M.2 slot also equipped with cooling armor,Let the performance be released steadily.

    Temperature controlled
    start/stop cooling fan


    *Temperature-controlled start/stop cooling fan
    only intervenes after the above temperature is reached

    6mm nickel-plated copper tube

    Dual 20G rate TypeC

    One step faster data transfer

    Motherboard offers next-generation front and rear USB 3.2 Gen2x2 TypeC ports.

    Dual M.2 hard drive interface

    Motherboard provides dual M.2 hard drive interfaces,
    Alloy heat sink PCle 4.0x4 protocol M.2 interface on the front,NVMe/SATA protocol interface on the back.

    2.5G Network Card & WiFi6E

    The motherboard is equipped with a 2.5G rate wired network card, and AX211 WIFI6E wireless network card with signal gain antenna to provide stable and high-speed wireless connection.

    Foldable antenna design with magnetic base
    that can be attached to the top or side of the case

    * Comes with a magnetic WiFi gain antenna on the motherboard

    Battle the future of DDR5 & PCle 5.0

    Equipped with dual-channel DDR5 memory slots for a more stable and pure interface signal. Optimized line layout for stronger memory overclocking potential.

    Equipped with one PCle 5.0 alloy armor graphics slot, with faster transfer, theoretical bandwidth up to 128GB/s, ready for the next generation of devices.


    Humanized ITX layout design

    Vertical cable layout interface, so that players building mini-hosts have a more neat cable management, sophisticated simplicity.

    One-touch CLR_CMOS button
    at I/O for easy and convenient maintenance

    One-click maintenance,
    easy and convenient

    Alloy backplate armor

    The back of the motherboard is equipped with alloy armor, which effectively protects the back of the motherboard components, reducing the damage caused by external collisions on the components, while enhancing the toughness of the motherboard, reducing the deformation caused by gravity over time.