iCraft Z790 WIFI

  • 20-фазный прямой выход, улучшенный источник питания DR.MOS
  • Доктор Мос, 90 А, высокие технические характеристики
  • RAA229131 Цифровая мощность PWM
  • Память DDR5 со стабильным XMP 7000 МГц
  • Двойной 20 Гбит/с USB Type-C
  • Dual 2.5G nics с поддержкой агрегации каналов
  • Цельнопластинчатая броня, подводящая тепловая трубка
  • 80 цифровой дисплей Отладка и разделенный тип Отладка Подсветка отладки
  • Кнопки Flash и Cmos

20-phase powerful
power supply

Dual20G Type-C
Dual2.5G network card

Strong heatdissipation
Skylight RGB
Alloy ThermalArmor

  • MS-iCraft Z790 WiFi

    ATX board size: 305*245mm

  • 13th & 12th

    lntel® Core™ LGA1700 support

  • Alloy Thermal Armor

    19+1 phase direct power supply design
    RAA229131PWM master
    ISL99390 90A Dr.Mos

  • USB3.2 Gen2x2

    Type-C front and rear dual 20G rate

  • 4*PCIe4.0 x4 M.2

    Full-speed interface
    Support NVMe hard disk

  • Whole plate thermal armor

    Full-cover alloy heat-dissipating armor
    6mm nickel-plated copper tube
    High-quality thermal silicon strip
    skylight RGB lighting effect

  • DDR5 memory

    Support XMP 4800Mhz/OC+
    Dual channel 4*DIMM

  • 2.5G wired network card

    Realtek RTL8125B network card chip

  • Humanized and
    aconvenient functions

    Digital display DEBUG diagnostic light + one-button CLR CMOS

  • WiFi6E wireless network card

    IntelAX211+ Magnetic WIFI Antenna

  • Powerful power supply
    releases the performance of
    the 13th generation Core Force

    20-phase power supply & integrated Dr.Mos

    It adopts 19+1 phase power supply, adopts RAA229131 digital PWM main control chip, and each phase is equipped with 90A Dr.Mos to fully exert the heterogeneous performance of the 13th generation Core, and stimulate its inherent overclocking potential.

    phase power supply


    PWM main control chip

    Alloy cooling
    Powerful performance
    and stable output

    RGB Alloy Thermal Armor & Alloy Back Plate Armor

    The heat dissipation armor above the power supply part of the motherboard is connected by a 6mm nickel-plated copper tube, and the contact surface between the armor and the MOS is made of high-quality heat-conducting silicon strips; The four M.2 slots are also equipped with heat dissipation armor, and the full-cover alloy heat dissipation armor helps the performance continue to be stable.

    Skylight RGB lighting effects

    6mm nickel-plated copper tube

    Dual 20G rate Type-C

    Data Transfer One Step Faster

    The motherboard provides front and rear USB3.2 Gen2x2Type-C interfaces,
    and the theoretical transmission speed can reach 20Gbps.

    Dual 2.5G network card

    Foldable antenna design with a magnetic base that
    can be attached to the top or side of the case.

    Built-in dual 2.5G rate network cards, support link aggregation, increase link bandwidth, realize link transmission flexibility and engineering support independent/group mode, to meet the needs of users who set up a home LAN to build a NAS. At the same time, it is equipped with AX211 wireless network card, which can be used with signal booster antenna to provide stable and high-speed wireless connection.

    Dual 2.5G
    Wired network port

    * The board comes with a magnetic WiFi booster antenna and AX211 wireless network card.

    Strong expansion

    More mainstream configurations to meet various needs

    The motherboard provides 4 M.2 hard disk interfaces, all of which are PCIe4.0x4 rate, all support NVMe protocol, and support Raid array;

    Equipped with 1 PCle 5.0x16 alloy armor slot, 1 PCle x4 full-length slot, 1 PCle x4 open slot and 1 PCle x1 slot, providing a variety of expansion options.

    PCIe 5.0 x16

    PCIe x4

    PCIe x1

    PCIe x4

    Fighting the future of DDR5 & PCle5.0

    Equipped with 4 DDR5 memory slots,
    strengthened interface, the signal is more stable and pure. Optimized circuit layout, with stronger overclocking capability, the measured XMP stability can reach 7000MHZ.

    Equipped with a PCle5.0 alloy armor graphics card slot, with faster transmission, the theoretical bandwidth is as high as 128GB/s, preparing for the new generation of equipment.



    Humanized function
    convenient maintenance

    The motherboard is equipped with a humanized digital display DEBUG diagnostic light, and the user can check the status of the motherboard according to the corresponding display code;

    The one-key CLR CMOS at the I/O allows players to quickly reset the computer settings, and the one-key Flash BIOS function allows players to easily

    Debug diagnostic light

    Reset BIOS

    Update BIOS

    RGB switch button

    Restart button

    Power button